Beat the Heat: Top Hydrating Foods for Indian Summers

Here are the coolest ways to hydrate this summer-

Best Fruits for Hydration

Watermelon: King of hydration with 92% water content! | Cucumber: Refreshing and cooling, boasting 96% water | Oranges: Packed with vitamin C and 87% water.

Traditional Summer Delights

Lassi: Cooling yogurt-based drink. | Aam Panna: Tangy and refreshing raw mango drink. | Jaljeera: Spiced cumin drink for a flavor boost. | Nimbu Pani: Classic lemonade, perfect for a hot day.

Salads for the Heat

Load up on salads with these hydrating veggies- Tomatoes, Onions, Cucumber, Leafy greens, and Sprouts.

Smart Snacking Options

Berries and melon for a sweet treat. | Yogurt with fruit for a satisfying snack. | Coconut water for natural electrolytes. | Buttermilk for a cool and refreshing option.

Stay Cool, Stay Healthy!

Enjoy these delicious and hydrating options to beat the Indian summer heat and stay healthy!

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