Basic Maintenance Tips for car/bike at Home

"Save time and money! Learn essential car and bike maintenance tips for DIY enthusiasts. Keep your vehicles running smoothly with these home maintenance hacks."

Tyre Pressure Check

The tyre pressure of your car/bike should be checked on timely intervals to ensure no puncture or damage.

Oil Change

Timely change of oil filters in your bike/car is important as it affects the mileage and performance of the vehicle.

Lube the Chain (for Bikes)

The chain is the main system that drives the wheel. So it is important that you lube it at regular intervals to ensure smooth performance.

Brake Pad Check

Brakes wear off over time but require change over long intervals of time. So you can change it yourself instead of paying a mechanic to do it.

Change Air Filters

The air filter is the nose of the vehicle. If you want it to breathe properly, you need to change it depending on how much pollution your city has

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