7 Shell-Shocking Facts

Snails boast a surprising array of adaptations and secrets. Get ready to be amazed by these 7 facts!

The Original Slowpokes

Snails have been around for over 600 million years! They're some of the oldest living creatures on Earth.

Home is Where the Shell Is

A snail's shell is its portable home. It offers protection from predators and helps regulate moisture.

Speedy Sleepers?

Snails do sleep, but not like us! Their sleep cycles can last for days, followed by periods of activity.

More Than Just Herbivores

Snails aren't all vegetarians! Some are carnivorous, some eat decaying matter, and some even have a taste for other snails.

Masters of Regeneration

Snails have amazing regenerative abilities! They can regrow lost eyestalks, tentacles, and even parts of their shell.

Glowing Goo

A snail's slime trail is more than just a slimy mess. It helps them move smoothly and can even deter predators!

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