7 Rarest Flowers of the World

Discover the rarest flowers on Earth. Each one tells a unique story of survival and beauty.

Ghost Orchid

Elusive and beautiful, the Ghost Orchid thrives in Florida and Cuba, blooming rarely and only during the night.

Jade Vine

Native to the Philippines, the Jade Vine features rare blue-green blooms. Its survival depends on bat pollination.

Corpse Flower

Indonesia’s titan arum, known as the Corpse Flower, is not only huge but releases a strong odor to attract pollinators

Franklin Tree Flower

Once native to Georgia, USA, the Franklin Tree Flower has been extinct in the wild since the 1800s but survives in cultivation.

Chocolate Cosmos

This dark red flower from Mexico has a delicate chocolate scent and is extinct in the wild, only surviving through cultivation.

Middlemist's Red

Middlemist's Red is possibly the rarest flower globally, with only two known examples still existing, one in the UK and another in New Zealand.

Parrot’s Beak

The Parrot’s Beak, with its distinctive curved blooms, is critically endangered in its native habitats.

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