7 Interesting Facts About Good Friday 2024

Christians celebrate Good Friday worldwide to commemorate the passion and death of Jesus Christ on the cross. Here are some interesting facts about this holiday:

You Can Watch a Play for Free In London

"The Passion of Jesus" is performed annually in London on Good Friday for everybody to watch. It is an open-air play that focuses on the death of Jesus Christ and it is also live streamed on Facebook.

Eggs Laid on Good Friday are Said To Never Rot

Some people in Ireland believe that the eggs laid on this day are everlasting, meaning they would never rot. People hold on to these eggs for over a decade to bust this myth.

Dancing On Good Friday Is a Crime In Germany

Germany celebrates Good Friday in a rather sorrowful way. Dancing is unlawful on Good Friday, and all dancing pubs must be closed or will be imposed a $1300 penalty.

Commercials are Banned in New Zealand

No TV Channels in New Zealand are allowed to telecast commercials during Good Friday and the same applies to holidays like Christmas, Easter and Anzac Day. It is done out of respect for the religious day.

The Origin for the Name "Good Friday" is Unknown

While there are a lot of theories behind why "Good Friday" got its name, nobody really knows the real meaning. Some believe "Good" means "Holy" while other traditions believe it gradually came from "God".

Church Bells Toll 33 Times on Good Friday

Church bells across the world toll 33 times on this holiday to commemorate the death of Jesus Christ for all our sins. Jesus died when he was 33, thus the 33 tolls.

Bermuda Hosts a Kite Festival on Good Friday

While different countries celebrate Good Friday in different ways, Bermuda has a Kite Festival every year. Not only that, but they also host a whole day of easter egg hunts and serve delicious Bermudan food.

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