7 Creatures that are almost Immortal

Dive into the world of extraordinary creatures that defy aging and death, revealing nature's most astonishing secrets to immortality

Turritopsis dohrnii

Discover the 'immortal jellyfish' Turritopsis dohrnii, which can endlessly revert to its juvenile polyp stage, essentially avoiding death.


Hydra, a tiny freshwater organism, showcases remarkable regenerative capabilities that prevent it from aging, suggesting biological immortality.


Lobsters not only grow larger with age but also stronger, thanks to their unique ability to continuously repair their DNA with the enzyme telomerase.


Bdelloid rotifers, resilient microscopic creatures, can survive dehydration and radiation, effectively pausing their aging process.

Glass Sponges

Glass sponges can live for over 10,000 years, making them one of the longest-lived creatures on Earth, thriving in deep ocean silence.


Planaria, the masters of regeneration, can rebuild any part of their body, hinting at mechanisms that could grant them potential immortality.

Tree Weta

Tree Weta survive freezing temperatures by lowering their body fluids’ freezing points, effectively halting aging during hibernation.

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