5 Ways to Recycle your Old T-Shirts

You might already use your old t-shirts as a waste cloth to wipe your kitchen counter or to dry plates after wash. But, did you know that there are so many creative ways to recycle and upcycle these clothes?

Turn them into rugs, baskets or bowls

This would require several old T-shirts that you might need to salvage. Cut them into strips and braid them into a beautiful rug that you can use as a doormat or a basket to store fruits in.

Turn it into a Headband

Most T-shirt materials are stretchy and soft to the touch, which makes them ideal for making headbands. Wash them just like a T-shirt and just make another one easily if you lose it on your Hawaii trip.

Turn them into Plant Hangers

It takes 30 minutes to make a macrame-style plant hanger for your dear plants. Tie all your T-shirts together after cutting them into strips and wrap them around your plant pot to keep it above ground level.

Turn them into a Gym tank top

The amount of sweat produced while working out needs a tank top to be handled. You can cut off the sleeves from your old T-shirts and use them as a tank top now. There you go! A free, recycled gym wardrobe.

Turn them into Dog Toys

Dogs always love new toys. All you need to do is take a couple of old T-shirts, twist and turn them against each other to tie both ends. You have a new chew toy for your dog!

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