5 Tips for Preventing Leakage in Your House During Monsoon

"Stay dry and hassle-free this monsoon! Discover 5 effective tips to prevent house leaks. Safeguard your home with these monsoon leakage prevention strategies."

Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning out your gutter and downspouts regularly to prevent clogging and overflow

Cracks and Gaps

During monsoons, it is important that you check for cracks and gaps in your roof and walls. Seal them, if there's any gap with waterproof materials.

Water-seal tightened doors and windows

Installing seals in your windows and doors is another way you can go about preventing water seeping in during monsoon.

Proper Ventilation

Monsoon not only brings water, but humidity too. And to prevent the growth of moss, it is important to keep the humidity out using proper ventilation.

Fix Plumbing Issues

Inspecting the plumbing system for leaks and fix them as soon as possible to prevent further water damage.

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