5 Spots to See Breathtaking Cherry Blossoms in Bangalore

Forget Japan! Bangalore bursts pink with stunning Tabebuia trees. Find the top 5 spots for a magical blossom experience!

Cubbon Park

Bangalore's iconic lung space hides a secret – a cluster of cherry blossom trees near the Cubbon Park Club which offers a charming escape from the city bustle.

AECS Layout

Thanks to the pink trumpet flowers, the roads of this place are an amazing pleasure to drive along because they are painted in pink and lavender tones.

Benniganahalli Lake

A great spot for walks and jogs or have a photoshoot with the cherry blossom-like background, the lakeside turns into a sight to behold during spring.


Pick Yelahanka and leisurely cruise to witness a Sakura-style bloom from the palest of pinks to the richest hue of the color, the flowers dominate the trees here.

Lalbagh Botanical Garden

Head to the southern end near the glasshouse for the best concentration of pink perfection stunning collection of classic cherry blossom trees.

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