Don't neglect your water tank! Recognize 5 clear signs indicating it's time for a cleaning. Ensure safe, clean water for your household.

Foul odour or taste

Foul odor or taste in the water is the best sureshot way of telling your water tank needs a thorough cleaning.

Discolored water or sediment buildup

While you cannot see the sediments without emptying the tank, you can see if the color of the water has changed.

Reduced water pressure

The water from the tap coming a little too slow? You might want to get the tank checked. If only one tap is such, then it might be the tap and not the tank.

Unusual noises coming from the tank

Yeah, your tank is not supposed to be making any sort of noise except for the water falling inside it. If it is, please check the source of the noise out ASAP

Presence of algae

Presence of algae or other contaminants in the tank warrants a full tank cleaning. Do not ignore it thinking the algai is harmless since it grew inside the water!

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