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How much do laptop repair technicians charge?

On an average, laptop repair costs ₹249.0. However, laptop repair price varies with your requirements and needs. On the lower end, laptop repair technicians generally charge between ₹199.0 and ₹249.0, and the higher end prices can range from ₹399.0 to ₹799.0.

Average cost


Pune Average Range

₹249.0 - ₹399.0
Pune average cost ₹249.0
Low-end cost range ₹199.0 - ₹249.0
High-end cost range ₹399.0 - ₹799.0

Cost data is based on actual project costs as reported by HomeTriangle members.

All About Laptop Repair

Welcome to our Laptop Repair services page, your ultimate destination for comprehensive laptop care and recovery. As your digital partner, a laptop plays an essential role in your daily life, be it for work, education, or entertainment. But when technical glitches disrupt this smooth relationship, you need a reliable and proficient partner to mend it. Here, we step in to bring your laptop back to its optimal health right from the comfort of your home. With our skilled technicians, quality parts, and dedicated customer service, we ensure your laptop issues become a thing of the past, letting you continue your digital journey unhindered. Dive in to discover how we turn your laptop woes into wows!

Common Laptop Issues That Call for Professional Repair

Laptops, like any electronic devices, are prone to a variety of issues over time. Here are some common laptop problems that often require repair:

  • Broken or Malfunctioning Screen: Cracks, dead pixels, or backlight issues can render a laptop screen useless. A damaged screen is one of the most common reasons for laptop repairs.
  • Hard Drive Failure: The hard drive is where all your data is stored. If it fails, you could lose important files, or your laptop may fail to boot up altogether.
  • Overheating: Overheating can cause a laptop to shutdown unexpectedly to protect its internal components. This issue can result from blocked vents, a broken fan, or thermal paste degradation.
  • Battery Problems: Over time, laptop batteries degrade and hold less charge, requiring frequent plugging in. In some cases, the battery may fail completely and need replacing.
  • Software Issues: Problems with the operating system, malware, or conflicting applications can cause a laptop to freeze, slow down, or crash.
  • Faulty Keyboard: Keys may stop responding due to wear and tear, spills, or dust build-up. This may require a keyboard replacement or cleaning.
  • Malfunctioning Charging Port: If the charging port is loose or damaged, the laptop might not charge, even when plugged in, necessitating a repair or replacement of the port.
  • Failed Updates: Failed system or software updates can cause various issues, from slow performance to complete system failure.
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity Problems: If a laptops wireless card is faulty, it can have trouble connecting to Wi-Fi, requiring repair or replacement of the card.
  • Motherboard Issues: The motherboard is like the heart of the laptop. If it encounters issues, the laptop might fail to boot up or function properly.

Why Choose HomeTriangle for Your Laptop Repair Needs?

Choosing HomeTriangle for your Laptop Repair needs comes with a host of benefits that ensures top-tier service and customer satisfaction:

  • Skilled Technicians: Our team is made up of highly trained professionals with a wealth of experience in handling a wide variety of laptop issues. Whether its a hardware malfunction or a software glitch, you can count on us to diagnose and fix the problem.
  • Quality Parts: We use high-quality, durable replacement parts that are compatible with your laptops make and model. This commitment to quality ensures your laptop performs optimally after repair.
  • At-Home Service: For your convenience, we bring our services right to your doorstep. This means you dont have to worry about safely transporting your laptop to a repair center.
  • Data Safety: We understand that your laptop contains sensitive personal and professional data. Our technicians adhere to stringent data privacy protocols to ensure your information remains secure throughout the repair process.
  • Prompt Service: We know how important your laptop is to your daily life. Thats why we strive to provide quick turnaround times so that your work or entertainment is minimally disrupted.
  • Post-Repair Support: Our relationship with our customers doesnt end once the repair is done. We provide after-service support to ensure your laptop continues to function smoothly.

HomeTriangle provides expert and reliable solutions to all your laptop troubles right at your doorstep. Our experienced technicians, quick turnaround times, use of high-quality parts, and commitment to data safety make us your ideal partner in keeping your laptop performing at its best. So, dont let laptop glitches slow you down. Reach out to us today and let us bring your laptop back to its optimal health. Remember, at HomeTriangle, we make your laptop woes a thing of the past. Click here to schedule your at-home laptop repair service now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Some common causes of laptop malfunctions include hardware or software problems, overheating, viruses or malware, and physical damage to the device.
Your laptop may need repairs if it is not turning on if it is overheating or shutting down unexpectedly, if the screen is cracked or damaged, if it is running slow or experiencing frequent freezes, or if it is infected with a virus or malware.
If your laptop is overheating or shutting down unexpectedly, you should try cleaning the ventilation grills and fans to remove any accumulated dust or debris. You can also try using a cooling pad to help keep your laptop cool. If these steps don't help, it may be a hardware issue and you should consider opting for a laptop repair service.
To prevent your laptop from needing repairs in the future, you should take good care of it by keeping it clean and free of dust, using it on a stable and flat surface, and avoiding exposing it to extreme temperatures or moisture. You should also regularly back up your data and use antivirus software to protect your laptop from viruses and malware.
If your laptop is infected with a virus or malware, you should immediately disconnect it from the internet and run a full scan with antivirus software. If the infection is severe, you may need to use a laptop repair service to have the software professionally cleaned.
Whether it's cheaper to buy or repair a laptop depends on several factors, including the age of the laptop, the extent of the damage, and the cost of the repair. In some cases, repairing a laptop may be more cost-effective than buying a new one, especially if the laptop is relatively new and has high specifications. However, if the laptop is several years old and has several hardware issues, it may be more cost-effective to buy a new laptop. It's important to get a quote from a professional laptop repair service to determine the cost of the repair and compare it to the cost of buying a new laptop. If the cost of repairing the laptop is close to or more than the cost of buying a new laptop, it may be better to buy a new one. On the other hand, if the repair cost is significantly less than the cost of a new laptop, it may be more cost-effective to repair the laptop.
Several components of a laptop can be repaired, including the laptop screen, keyboard, battery, charging port, motherboard, hard drive, software, overheating issues, virus removal, and data recovery. A professional laptop repair service can diagnose and repair most hardware and software issues on a laptop.

Top Recent Customer Reviews

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    “I had a great experience with Devinder Laptop Services and would highly recommend them to anyone. I was in a hurry to get my laptop fixed, so I was really happy when they were able to do it for me quickly and at a very affordable price. ”

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    “I am a full-time college student and I work on the side as a freelancer. It's been tough lately to find time to do any of my school work because of how busy my laptop has been malfunctioning! Luckily, US IT Solutions is always there to save the day. ”

  3. user

    “I was really happy with how Wisdom Laptops Services handled my laptop. They were able to get the job done quickly and for a great price. I would certainly recommend them to any friends or family looking for laptop repair in the future!”

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    “I was very satisfied with my experience with Dayals Computer Shopee. They were quick to repair my laptop and cleared it quickly. The staff is friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend them for any computer repairs!”

  5. user

    “The Laptop Hub was very quick to repair my laptop, and did so for a fair price. I would recommend them to anyone who needs their laptop fixed!”

  6. user

    “I was in a bad situation, I had my laptop for about six years and it just broke down on me. I tried looking for someone to fix it but all the local repair shops said they couldn't do anything! Pankaj Laptop Service was great. They got me up and running in less than 24 hours and even cleared my virus problem that I had been struggling”

  7. user

    “I've had my laptop for about 9 months when the headphone jack finally went. I was really bummed and was worried it would be a hassle to get it fixed. Fortunately, I found out about R S Computers and they were great to work with. They fixed my computer just a few days after I dropped it off and had me up and running in no time!”

  8. user

    “I had some issues with my computer and needed to get repaired. I was a bit hesitant about going to a new shop, but Freedom Computers is awesome. Great service, quick turn around time, and affordable prices. I will be back for sure!”

  9. user

    “I have visited Laptop Center for the first time yesterday. I had a problem with my laptop and I was expecting it to be costly but they did a good job. Now, the repair was done quickly and for a reasonable price.”

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    “I was happy with the service that Credo It Services provided. They fixed my laptop quickly and their customer service team was very good. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a laptop repair shop.”

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    “I had a problem with my laptop and I brought it to Lapi Lab - Laptop Service Center. I am so happy with the way they fixed it! It was so quick, you wouldn't have known that anything was wrong in the first place. I will always go back to them for any repairs needed.”

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    “I had a really great experience with Sanutech It Solutions. They were the only company that could repair my laptop, and even though it took them a while to do it, they did a great job. I would recommend this company to everyone who needs an IT tech.”

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    “I would highly recommend the computer repair service from Aditi Computer Services. They were quick, efficient, and did a great job on repairing my laptop after I spilled coffee on it. Their prices are also reasonable and they offer free delivery of your repaired items to your house or office.”

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    “ I am writing this review because I had a problem with my laptop and they fixed it quickly and without any problems. I'm very happy with the service they did for me.”

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    “I got my computer repaired at AV Computers and I was really impressed with their service. They fixed the issue quickly and for a good price.”

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