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    Vasudha Parsa

    “Excellent laptop service from Raj Sri Computers ”

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    Sharma Tank

    “The laptop service was quick, efficient, and my device is running like new again”

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    Advay Sharaf

    “Good work from the team Xpert Infotech ”

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    Jyotsna Pal

    “I am so glad I found RG Systems. They are the best laptop repair service in the city and have helped me out of a few jams. My old laptop was getting really slow and I needed to get it fixed ASAP. They came to my house, fixed it in no time, and even gave me a new computer!”

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    Rajendra Khare

    “Good work from the team Supreme Technology ”

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How much do laptop repair technicians charge?

On an average, laptop repair costs ₹249.0. However, laptop repair price varies with your requirements and needs. On the lower end, laptop repair technicians generally charge between ₹199.0 and ₹249.0, and the higher end prices can range from ₹399.0 to ₹799.0.

Average cost


Coimbatore Average Range

₹249.0 - ₹399.0
Coimbatore average cost ₹249.0
Low-end cost range ₹199.0 - ₹249.0
High-end cost range ₹399.0 - ₹799.0

Cost data is based on actual project costs as reported by HomeTriangle members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some common causes of laptop malfunctions include hardware or software problems, overheating, viruses or malware, and physical damage to the device.
Your laptop may need repairs if it is not turning on if it is overheating or shutting down unexpectedly, if the screen is cracked or damaged, if it is running slow or experiencing frequent freezes, or if it is infected with a virus or malware.
If your laptop is overheating or shutting down unexpectedly, you should try cleaning the ventilation grills and fans to remove any accumulated dust or debris. You can also try using a cooling pad to help keep your laptop cool. If these steps don't help, it may be a hardware issue and you should consider opting for a laptop repair service.
To prevent your laptop from needing repairs in the future, you should take good care of it by keeping it clean and free of dust, using it on a stable and flat surface, and avoiding exposing it to extreme temperatures or moisture. You should also regularly back up your data and use antivirus software to protect your laptop from viruses and malware.
If your laptop is infected with a virus or malware, you should immediately disconnect it from the internet and run a full scan with antivirus software. If the infection is severe, you may need to use a laptop repair service to have the software professionally cleaned.
Whether it's cheaper to buy or repair a laptop depends on several factors, including the age of the laptop, the extent of the damage, and the cost of the repair. In some cases, repairing a laptop may be more cost-effective than buying a new one, especially if the laptop is relatively new and has high specifications. However, if the laptop is several years old and has several hardware issues, it may be more cost-effective to buy a new laptop. It's important to get a quote from a professional laptop repair service to determine the cost of the repair and compare it to the cost of buying a new laptop. If the cost of repairing the laptop is close to or more than the cost of buying a new laptop, it may be better to buy a new one. On the other hand, if the repair cost is significantly less than the cost of a new laptop, it may be more cost-effective to repair the laptop.
Several components of a laptop can be repaired, including the laptop screen, keyboard, battery, charging port, motherboard, hard drive, software, overheating issues, virus removal, and data recovery. A professional laptop repair service can diagnose and repair most hardware and software issues on a laptop.

Top Recent Customer Reviews

Laptop Repair
5.0 out of 5.0

75 reviews

  1. user

    “Laptec Services is the best place to go if your laptop broken and needs repairs. They fix it quick and reasonably priced!”

  2. user

    “I was really impressed with the customer service I received. The receptionist answered my questions right away and even saved me a lot of time by answering them before I even asked. They did good work quickly and at an affordable price.”

  3. user

    “I have to say I was really impressed with their service. They bent over backwards to fulfill my request on a holiday where I had no other option but to wait for the issue to be resolved.”

  4. user

    “Raj Sri Computers did a good job on my laptop and delivered it back soon. I was very happy that they had a quick turnaround even with the busy summer. They were able to deliver service at a very affordable price and kept me in the loop as they were working on my laptop.”

  5. user

    “I bought a laptop from them and I am glad that I did. The service was good and they delivered my laptop without any hassles. The prices they charge are also affordable, but be careful when buying laptops from them, sometimes they sell refurbished ones which will have a lot of issues and may not work at all.Advaith Mishra”

  6. user

    “BST Systems was the best service I've ever had. The laptop I sent them was repaired quickly and got a competitive price. Plus, they have a good customer service.”

  7. user

    “I am satisfied with the service done by Palies IT Services. The team was very good and fast at the same time. They fixed my laptop in no time and at a reasonable price. I will use them again whenever I need to and recommend them to my friends as well.”

  8. user

    “I had a laptop that had been broken for more than a year and I was using it to do college work. It was really important for me to finish my degree and Shogan Systems Laptop Service fixed it so quickly at an affordable price. They even helped me with the warranty after I took care of my college work!”

  9. user

    “I had a problem with my laptop and I was freaking out because I work from home and have to do some important work. I called F2 computers because they are affordable and quick. They managed to fix my laptop within a day for me and saved me from having to take time off of work. This is such a great company!”

  10. user

    “APJ Computer has saved the day for me! When my laptop crashed, I went to them and they serviced the laptop with a affordable price before the end of the day. I would recommend them to anyone in need of their service.”

  11. user

    “Kevin Systems fixed my laptop in a timely manner that saved me money and time. I highly recommend them for all your laptop needs.”

  12. user

    “I was traveling when my laptop broke down. I was so worried that I would need to spend a lot of money on repairs because it seemed like every time I went to a service place, the wait time was really long. When I went to CBM Laptops Service Center, the technician immediately offered me different options for my laptop and within the hour, it was fixed”

  13. user

    “Spire has always been a good company. I had a broken laptop, I called them up and they sent someone to my place the next day. They fixed it very quickly for me and did not make things rough. Their prices are affordable, so this was a good place for me to choose when my laptop broke!”

  14. user

    “I recently went to RG Systems and I was really impressed. My laptop had a virus on it and I needed it fixed asap. The company did that for me, was super friendly and had excellent customer service. They also offered a very fair price for the service in comparison to their competitors that I researched afterwards. I would highly recommend them!”

  15. user

    “My laptop was a total mess. I had to do something and fast. Haridev Infotech was the only one that called me back and quoted me with an affordable price. They were able to come to my house the same day and fixed it in just a few hours!”

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