Pros and Cons of Purchasing a Robot Vacuum

Thinking about getting a Robot Vacuum? This blog talks about the pros and cons for you to consider before making a decision.

What is a Robot Vacuum or Robovac?

If someone told you that there would be a machine that could automatically clean and mop your floor 10 years ago, they would probably be called delusional. But modern-day technology has become so advanced that it has made it possible.

A robot vacuum, or more fancifully, robovac, is an automatic vacuum cleaner that operates with little to zero human interference. Once set up, these amazing gadgets can detect the structure and space in your home using high-tech sensors to navigate and clean floors and carpets in a jiffy. They come with an in-built removable garbage container to collect dust and crumbs. It is a small container, given that the whole point of these robots is to be compact.

One more FAQ about these machines is whether they will plot for world dominance by themselves. I guess they are not that advanced... yet.

Benefits of a Robovac over a Vacuum Cleaner

There are three types of people. One who prefers vacuuming, one who would rather invest in a robot vacuum, and the other primitive beings who still use a broomstick. If you have the option to buy a vacuum cleaner or a robot vacuum, your only reason to still have a broomstick should be to play witch when you're bored.

Let's take a look at the numerous benefits of owning a robovac:

Woman resting while robot vacuum cleans carpet

1) Fully Automatic Cleaning:

Think about the time you would rather spend running around in your house with a broom between your legs while these tiny robots do the cleaning for you. Modern robot vacuums can be connected to your smartphone or home assistant, which enables you to schedule cleaning even when you are not home. Now you don't have to worry if your place is clean or not when you are inviting your friends over after a party.

Unless they start communicating with each other and plot to murder you when you aren't around.

2) Covers every spot:

These robot vacuums can handle difficult corners and edges around furniture like a pro. Pet hair that might be stuck to the surface of the floor is no problem for these smart machines. Many of these robovacs use advanced technology to map their surroundings, which lets them understand the difference between a wall, a doorway, and furniture. Because of this, you don't have to strain your back every time you want to vacuum under your sofa or bed. They can get under there and clean it for you.

Not only that, if you have a cat, you could also let them ride on it. It is indeed really cute to see that.

Cat playing with a robot vacuum cleaner

3) Say no to allergies:

The high-end robot vacuums usually have an air purifying system too. Using HEPA filters to do so, you do not have to worry about your worsening dust allergy from manually vacuuming the floor. Some people tend to have extreme difficulty in breathing when there is too much dust in a room. Using a robovac is the easiest way to get rid of this problem as opposed to vacuuming.

Drawbacks of using a Robot Vacuum:

With conveniency comes a few drawbacks. Let's see what are the major cons of getting a robot vacuum before you make up your mind.

1) Costs a Lot More Than a Vacuum cleaner:

The average cost for a good robot vacuum would be around Rs. 7000 to Rs. 15000 depending on the number of features it has. You might even find advanced robot vacuums for around a lakh which can take care of cleaning its own dock and would be able to automatically empty their dust collection compartment. However, the average price for a traditional vacuum cleaner does not exceed Rs. 5000, although the high-end ones will cost around Rs. 12000. If money is not a matter to you, then you could go ahead with your purchase of a robovac.

2) Unsuitable for Deep Cleaning:

Robot vacuums were designed to take care of your daily routine cleaning. In other words, to save you some time to chill on the couch. However, if you wanted to deep clean your house, then you must also own a vacuum cleaner to do it yourself once in a while. I mean, who knows, there could be something in the future that could help you with this problem too, right?

Emptying the bin of robot vacuum

3) Comparatively Smaller Bin Size:

We have all seen the hefty bag in the back of a vacuum cleaner that holds a large amount of dust and debris from your cleaning. One concerning limitation in a robot vacuum is it's small bin size. It requires regular emptying or purchasing one with an automatic bin emptying feature that would significantly increase the price of the product. Getting a box of metal to empty itself costs a lot of research and technology, of course.

4) Not Reliable on All Surfaces:

It is pretty obvious that a robovac needs an even surface to work efficiently. Uneven flooring or thick carpets could affect its performance, mess with their sensor's ability to read data, or even get stuck more often. If you are going to get a robovac, you definitely won't want to keep helping it out of difficult spots. It is also important to remember to declutter your floor before you unleash the machine from it's dock.

Robot vacuum cleaning along a wall


There it is! You must have an idea of how a robot vacuum, or robovac, works and the pros and cons of it. They are very reliable when it comes to your routine cleaning and let you take a breath after you are back home from an exhausting day. Keep in mind the limitations of a robovac too, and ensure you buy the model that suits your home perfectly. If you have made up your mind, I'm sure your inner child is very excited to bring one of them home. Just remember not to get attached to it. It is not your pet. It really is not.