Articles for your Home

Winter is fast approaching and, along with the weather, many of our thermostats are dropping down to survival mode temperatures. The luxury temperatures that we could afford to maintain in the fall seem impossible in the face of winter winds. Unfortunately our utility bills can’t drop as well.

Fragrances emotionally connect you with the changing seasons in a very personal way. The scents that you choose for your home tend to reflect your experiences, aspirations, and interpretation of the changing landscape, climate and the season’s characteristic flowers, fruits, vegetables, festivities, and occasions that are special to your family.

Winter is upon us and it has brought chattering teeth, cold and numb hands, and feet along with it. The second law of thermodynamics that heat flows naturally from an object at a higher temperature to an object at a lower temperature and we are taking precautions such as taking out those jackets, sweaters, and warm quilts to keep ourselves warm.