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The idea of monsoon paints a pretty picture of a cushioned rocking chair by the window, a warm cuddly quilt, possibly a cup of hot chocolate or just good old masala chai, with the familiar pitter-patter melody playing in the background.

Smart homeowners can acquire the know how and expertise to take care of small plumbing repairs by implementing tips from trained and certified plumbers on how to repair and maintain some of the more important components of your plumbing system.

To see if a plumber will be able to meet your requirements, it’s better to ask the plumber some strategic questions. There are basically 5 questions you need to ask to assure you that the plumber has the right credentials, is communicative and courteous and quotes a reasonable price.

Your home plumbing system consists of 2 subsystems, fresh water and drainage, which work together, moving fresh potable water in and carrying dirty waste water out. Here are a few basic facts that you should know about plumbing drainage systems to understand plumbing problems before calling a professional plumber.

Building a sustainable house is easy compared to making an already existing into a sustainable one. For that transformation, a number of changes are necessary. Some of these changes can be immediate, while some of them could take a lot of time. Some of them are cheap whereas some of them are comparatively costlier. The best time to make a house sustainable is while a Home renovation.