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You've put your home on the market, and it's mega frustrating to see people troop in and out of what is essentially your private space without any of those buyer visits actually materializing into the actual sale. So what are you doing wrong? And what can you do to sell your home faster? Here are 10 easy tips for selling your home right this very minute!

End of tenancy, moving in or moving out, cleaning packages are quite comprehensive and vary from one service provider to another. These packages ideally address cleaning needs for the entire home and may be hired by the tenant vacating or the home owner looking to rent the property again at the earliest.

Living with a pest infestation can be a nuisance at best and a health hazard in the most extreme cases. Trying to deal with a pest infestation on your own with spray cans of insecticides or other DIY pest elimination techniques is only a halfway measure, making the pest infestation recede for a time but then sooner or later the pests are back, ruining your peace of mind. Get rid of pests permanently and effectively by hiring a reputed and recommended pest control professional. Here are 4 good reasons why a professional pest control expert is your best option when dealing with a pest infestation.

When building a new home designed by an architect it is only natural to wonder about the quality and feasibility of the finalized design. As a layman you may not be in the best position to evaluate the intricate nuances and implications of a complicated architectural design completely. Hiring another professional like an architect to evaluate the design thoroughly, an interior designer to provide inputs on space sizes, or a quantity surveyor to vet the design for budget constraints etc., will let you review your architect's work accurately. There are many good reasons to double check an architectural design to weed out any flaws that your architect may have missed.

An architect's brief and the initial design discussions, and sketches, are followed by stage 2, the developed design. In this stage the initial design that is agreed upon by you is converted into a more developed conceptual design, including a floor plan, the proposed elevation drawings and a cross sectional drawing enabling you to more fully envision what your finished home will look and feel like. Your architect will provide concept drawings at this stage and discuss the implications of this design on the timeline and project costs as well as other issues like permits etc. So what exactly does a developed design entail? Read on to find out.

An architect's job does not end at the time of handover of approved designs that have been made with your inputs and meet your approval. In fact it is your choice as the client to retain the architect for a variety of services related to building a new home, from conceptualization to move in, a full service architect firm will cover every stage of building your dream home. An important service offered by full service architectural design firms is construction management, where the architect works as your agent to make sure that your building contractor follows architectural plans, ensuring design integrity and a finished home that is made according to the plans on paper as well as supervising the quality of the construction, covering both grade of material inputs used and workmanship standards.

Every home is built on a budget, and every component adds to its final cost. While some contributions to the final cost are obvious like materials and physical inputs procured to actually build your home, others like the cost of hiring an architect may not be as clear. So how do you actually go about matching an architect to your budget? Read on to find out.

Most homeowners or new home builders will wonder what the rate or cost of an architect might be, how to arrive at a reasonable rate to pay and how the payment to the architect will impact the overall construction costs and their bottom line. So what exactly affects the cost of hiring an architect? Read on to find out.

Building a home can be a stressful and complicated process and despite best intentions on your part as well as your contractor/builder, there can be various instances of misunderstanding or conflict. If you find yourself in such a situation heed the advice in the tips listed below to try to resolve any conflict with your builder/contractor effectively.