Articles for your Home

Home odors are an integral part of life, but can be done away with well before they become a nuisance or embarrassment. No we are not talking about scenting homes. Home scents do not eliminate odors, but simply mask them temporarily! To completely get rid ofthe food, pet, dirty laundry, smoke and mould odors in your home, you’ll need an entirely different set of supplies that are capable of absorbing such smells.

These are many room fresheners available on the market in the forms of sprays, scented candles, pot pourri etc., but synthetic fragrance often contain VOCs (Volatile Organic compounds) that are harmful to your health. Also, plug in mosquito repellents are essentially a pesticide type called pyrethoid and contain the chemical allethrin with an added synthetic fragrance, both are harmful in large doses. Natural options like essential oils are a green alternative to chemical room fresheners and bug repellents and can be as effective when used correctly while sparing you and your family an unnecessary dose of noxious chemicals. While large scale, established bug infestations will definitely need the attention of a pest control professional and are best addressed as soon as possible, handle the everyday nuisance of pests like mosquitoes, moths and flies with these DIY alternatives at home, for a naturally sweeter smelling, fresh home.