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Even though clean, potable water is necessity to keep you healthy and keep everything in your home running smoothly, very rarely is any attention given to the maintenance of the water tank where the water is stored. In most households water tank cleaning is never even on the agenda unless there is an obvious issue with the water quality, like an odour, visible debris or a case of waterborne disease in the family. Keeping your water tank in good condition with regular maintenance is important. Here are a few pointers to help you inspect your water tank and plan a maintenance schedule.

Doing a little preventative maintenance is a great way to keep your walls looking like they were painted yesterday! As suggested in the Hometriangle article on taking care of painted surfaces, dry cleaning your walls with a cloth wrapped around a broom occasionally will remove loose dirt and dust and prevent it from settling in and staining the paint permanently. A light wet cleaning with a sponge dipped in a diluted solution of mild all purpose cleaner and water is also a good way to make your walls sparkle. That said, different paint types can respond differently to different cleaning methods, and using an appropriate cleaning method may actually help you avoid damaging your paint job.