Articles for your Home

Everyone wants a clean and tidy home, but purchasing products over time can be expensive. The following products include everything from kitchen and bathroom ideas to general home products. But each of these will simplify your life and allow you to never need to repurchase products in that category.

September is the month of transition from the sweltering summer heat into relatively mild, cooler weather conditions heralding the monsoon and the winter that follows. Let’s quickly take you through the maintenance tasks that your attention this month.

Vinyl flooring is quite popular primarily because it can bear the brunt of daily use, is water resistant and easier to maintain when compared to other types of floor. It is quite common to find vinyl flooring in bathrooms and kitchens, and given the wide choice of colors and designs, vinyl also adds aesthetic appeal to these predominantly functional spaces. However, vinyl does tend to hold on to dirt and dust and needs a simple yet regular cleaning routine to stay in good shape.

Cleaning wooden floors may seem a tedious task, but can get exciting and enjoyable when you try to create your very own cleaning agent from ingredients readily available in most homes. It doesn't mean you stop shopping for floor cleaning products, but these recipes are bound to come in handy when you run out of cleaners, or prefer natural ingredients to chemical formulations. The results can prove quite rewarding!

Have you recently relocated to a new apartment or home with wooden floors? Then, caring for them and cleaning them right is important to you to ensure that they stay in good shape for years to come. Wooden floors are different from other conventional types of tiled flooring characteristic of many Indian homes. Wooden floors need more attention and can be quite demanding, especially for first-timers. That said, let’s head straight for some basic tips that can make the job a tad easier!