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Season of red and why not add a bit of RED to your life! Valentine's Day is around the corner and Beautiful Red is everywhere. Why not If done right, red could be the perfect colour for your Home ? Here are some ideas from Hometriangle Experts, as to how you can add a little bit of red to your home.'s "Homeowner Styles" series features contributions from style savvy homeowners who open the doors to their home to welcome the HomeTriangle audience and share their thoughts and ideas about the special spots in their homes and the aesthetic elements that come together to craft one of a kind decor and interiors! In this feature Neha Agarwal describes a spot in her living room that blends a traditional Indian brass urli with a Feng Shui influenced bamboo arrangement!

Who doesn't want a clean home? An easier way to a cleaner home is like a riveting fairy tale but for adults! What does work, unlike the multitudes of hacks listed endlessly on the www, are the little habits and small tweaks that actually make a difference and eventually a cleaner home. To start with, try to do these 6 things everyday to guarantee a cleaner house.

Architectural designs have evolved a lot in the last decade. More and more people are opting for open houses that let in a lot of light. The contemporary homes provide an elegance that has people of all ages swooning. With the current trend of shrinking the overall area of homes, wall partitions are a great idea to divide your room into private and public spaces. With the absence of a dining hall, a wall partition is a great way to split your hall into a dining area and living area.