Articles for your Home

Living rooms are probably the most important part of our home. That is where we as a family spend the most quality time with our loved ones. Every other room in our homes has a specific goal in mind, for instance, a kitchen is where we make food and eat it, a bedroom is where we rest and sleep after a hectic day at the office, but our living rooms are the heart of our homes.

Architectural designs have evolved a lot in the last decade. More and more people are opting for open houses that let in a lot of light. The contemporary homes provide an elegance that has people of all ages swooning. With the current trend of shrinking the overall area of homes, wall partitions are a great idea to divide your room into private and public spaces. With the absence of a dining hall, a wall partition is a great way to split your hall into a dining area and living area.

Season of red and why not add a bit of RED to your life! Valentine's Day is around the corner and Beautiful Red is everywhere. Why not If done right, red could be the perfect colour for your Home ? Here are some ideas from Hometriangle Experts, as to how you can add a little bit of red to your home.