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If you’re planning a kitchen renovation or building a new home, the odds are you’ve heard about the kitchen work triangle. The idea of the kitchen work triangle has been around since the 1940s and is the best way to set up a kitchen to save time and energy according to designers. A kitchen work triangle connects the sink, the range, and the refrigerator, the three main work areas in the kitchen.

Space is probably the most valued aspect of a small kitchen that is currently found in apartments and flats in most of our Indian cities. In such homes, where space is in short supply, it is essential to plan a kitchen that maximizes space and has a functional layout with generous storage space all the while looking great.

The twenty-first century saw the heart of the home suddenly shift from living rooms to the kitchen. And coincidentally, kitchens became the room in our homes that needed the most cleaning. But fret not, with a little forward planning, you can have a kitchen that makes cleaning it a piece of cake. Check out our tips and spend less time mopping and more time with your loved ones.

Kitchen gardening seems easy enough when you think about it. Get a few seeds and saplings, pots, a bag of garden soil from the nursery and fill the pots with soil, sow the seeds or plant the saplings and just place them on the balcony or windowsills.