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Cleaning a home need not always be a mundane chore. Some people find this task therapeutic and relaxing or even a welcome distraction that makes the home more appealing when the job is well done. Fair enough, but is it really possible to adhere to this clock-work on a daily basis? How comfortable are you when stuck with a regular cleaning routine? Despite best intentions and capabilities, let’s accept the fact that not all of us are cut out for DIY cleaning.

Complex plumbing work like piping replacement, remodeling a bathroom or kitchen take a while and you need to plan in advance. The first thing to do is to hire the right plumber. A plumbing quotation will lay out the necessary costs, including all the materials and labor. It will also give you an estimated deadline for the completion of work. Next, you need to do your part to ensure that the project doesn’t run into any hidden glitches, is finished on time and within your budget.

Most modern Indian homes, especially urban apartments do not integrate a dedicated entryway or foyer space in the interior design. The main door opens into the living room area directly and with no foyer area there is usually no dedicated space for items like car keys, newspapers and mail etc., and especially storage for shoes that most people remove at the door.

September is the month of transition from the sweltering summer heat into relatively mild, cooler weather conditions heralding the monsoon and the winter that follows. Let’s quickly take you through the maintenance tasks that your attention this month.

Are professional cleaning services worth the money? This is a question that would have popped up in your mind if you have considered hiring a professional cleaning service. When weighing the services offered by a cleaning service against the amount charged, we’d confidently say that the peace of mind and the quality of service offered outweigh the money paid. Here are a few reasons why Professional Cleaning Services are worth every penny.

When redesigning your bedroom for the new year your going to want to focus on quality pieces that will really last. That new bed has to scream comfort and elegance. It's not so much about who has the biggest bed it's all about who has the BEST bed. A bed with quality details such as hand crafted carvings is considered a must have accessory for the new year.