Articles for your Home

There's a hack for everything out there! Why not for your home? Make cleaning the bathroom a breeze, or re-purpose wine bottles as inexpensive vases, hide messy wires with the coolest contraptions! Here is the ultimate collection of our ideas, some quick and easy, others border line genius!

Vinyl flooring is quite popular primarily because it can bear the brunt of daily use, is water resistant and easier to maintain when compared to other types of floor. It is quite common to find vinyl flooring in bathrooms and kitchens, and given the wide choice of colors and designs, vinyl also adds aesthetic appeal to these predominantly functional spaces. However, vinyl does tend to hold on to dirt and dust and needs a simple yet regular cleaning routine to stay in good shape.

You adore your pet? Who doesn't? But have you ever thought of your home from the point of view of your four legged companion? Is your home really the best home it can be for both you and your well loved pet too? Never thought of it that way? Time to re-evaluate your interior design and decor choices to accommodate your pet and at the same time make sure that your pet does not totally destroy your home!

Is painting kitchen cabinets like any paint job, a simple task? Mastering the perfect glossy finish is all in the prep work, and before a brush ever touches the wood, a lot of time is needed to get the surface ready for paint. That means properly cleaning, sanding, and priming every inch of the surface for the paint to stick. Cleaning kitchen cabinets is the most important step in the process to remove years of grease and food can leave a layer of grime that inhibits paint adhesion. Here is the step by step process to ensure the perfect paint job for your kitchen cabinets.

Cleaning wooden floors may seem a tedious task, but can get exciting and enjoyable when you try to create your very own cleaning agent from ingredients readily available in most homes. It doesn't mean you stop shopping for floor cleaning products, but these recipes are bound to come in handy when you run out of cleaners, or prefer natural ingredients to chemical formulations. The results can prove quite rewarding!

Painting your home can be taxing and not knowing potential painting problem areas can result in an unsatisfactory paint job in the end. The entire experience can be frustrating and while some mistakes are very common and need no additional insight, there are some 'not so obvious' mistakes that are just as responsible for shoddy work.

There is so much ambiance and style a chandelier can add to a room, but only when done right! A really large, opulent chandelier in a small, contemporary room may seem overpowering and a small one may get lost in the decor. Chandeliers can make a room look regal and luxurious, becoming conversation pieces in themselves, choosing one carefully can bring a large dose of instant style to a boring room! So what are the points to keep in mind when buying a chandelier?

The first thing to remember when putting up anything on your wall is never ever eyeball it! You will end u with a wall that has multiple holes in the wrong place before getting it right, and worse, the painting will still be at the wrong height or place and will actually take away from the room's decor rather than adding to it. So how do you get it right, in one go, at the first try? It's really simple!

Painting your home can be tedious and needs time, money and supervision for your home to look its stylish best. Then, with all your research to hire a good painter, even the best man for the job is likely to make these common painting mistakes that can make otherwise good work look sloppy. While you are supervising the paint job of your home, you can prevent these common errors by simply being well informed!

Not everyone has the mega bucks needed for a full scale renovation! So, if you belong to that lot and are frustrated by your lack of budget but desperately need a home makeover, how do you meaningfully alter decor quickly and on a budget, as in under 500 bucks? We're going to tell you!