Articles for your Home

Have you had that moment when a friend is round the corner and just called to say she'll be at your door in a jiffy and your home is a total mess with a capital 'T' capital 'M'? Instead of hitting the panic button, follow our under 10 minute plan to quickly make your home look cleaner than it actually is! We know its devious but every girl deserves a break from boring household chores without being judged for it! So read on, put into practice and pass on to the friend who'll be ringing that doorbell any second now!

You regularly vacuum your carpets and maybe your floors too, but there is always dust lurking in the corner of the room the very next day, and neither are your carpets looking all that spiffy. Could you be vacuuming wrong?

Ceramic floors are a natural progression from conventional cement flooring. Sturdy, long-lasting and easy to maintain, ceramic tiles, both glazed and unglazed, can be used in all parts of your home, especially in wet zones – bathrooms, kitchens, service areas, verandahs etc. You really don’t have to adopt an elaborate or special cleaning routine to keep ceramic floors picture perfect, but regular efforts tend to be more rewarding. Check out some easy tips for maintaining the sparkle of ceramic.

Regular cleaning is unpleasant, and spring cleaning can be significantly more monotonous! Be that as it may, not all spring cleaning tasks should be repetitive and tedious. Here are some simple errands you can accomplish for spring tidying that will separate the greater tasks.