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The idea of monsoon paints a pretty picture of a cushioned rocking chair by the window, a warm cuddly quilt, possibly a cup of hot chocolate or just good old masala chai, with the familiar pitter-patter melody playing in the background.

Are you always looking for ways to save your energy and time? You can cut down cleaning time in numerous ways. Here, are some simple cleaning techniques that reduce your cleaning time in half. For a quick clean, keep a non-toxic sanitizer in a spray bottle or sanitizing wipes handy in your kitchen and bathroom. Inexpensive cleaning supplies like baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and vinegar do an awesome job. Hydrogen peroxide, which is usually used to sanitize minor cuts, has amazing cleaning properties. Undiluted vinegar also produces similar results.

After a tiring day, we all love to relax in our ‘home sweet home’, the last thing you want to see is clutter or disorganized closets, drawers, and counter tops. Sometimes, all the random things like receipts, bills, mails, magazines, pencils, scarfs, newspapers, toys, keys, coins, etc., can accumulate on counter tops and flat surfaces creating clutter. However, with a little planning, any home can be organized into a relaxing space. We've put together some ‘must try’ organizing tricks to help you stay organized. Let’s tackle your home one room at a time..

Many parents will tell you it’s actually easier, faster and better to clean your children’s’ room yourself rather than get them to do it. After all, a child’s idea of cleaning a room is shoving everything under the bed and smoothing out the sheets, all in a few minutes! What if you could take the same time and do a much neater job? Who knows, if your kids see you do it, they might discover that doing a good job does not take the whole weekend. Here’s how it’s possible.

Have you had that moment when a friend is round the corner and just called to say she'll be at your door in a jiffy and your home is a total mess with a capital 'T' capital 'M'? Instead of hitting the panic button, follow our under 10 minute plan to quickly make your home look cleaner than it actually is! We know its devious but every girl deserves a break from boring household chores without being judged for it! So read on, put into practice and pass on to the friend who'll be ringing that doorbell any second now!

Who likes cleaning? If you answered "I do" to that question this article is not for you and you are definitely in the minority! For the rest of us, who would rather day dream vs scrub any given day, read on! These are only 5 cleaning hacks, but they are truly life changing!

Winter is fast approaching and, along with the weather, many of our thermostats are dropping down to survival mode temperatures. The luxury temperatures that we could afford to maintain in the fall seem impossible in the face of winter winds. Unfortunately our utility bills can’t drop as well.