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A gate can build a barrier and add an element of design to the home or the yard. There are many different designs and styles to select from. Gates can be made out of timber, bamboo, metal, iron, and even aluminum. Some of these styles are more mold than others.

Every Indian homeowner has heard of the ancient science of Vaastu Shastra. However, very little is truly known about its benefits and why a home should be Vaastu friendly. The central idea behind Vaastu Shastra is to design your home in a way as to derive the maximum from the natural environment and to circulate positive energy in your home. When a home is in perfect harmony with the environment it trickles into the personal and professional lives of the people inhabiting the space. Vaastu is based on logic and not hokum! Make your visitors feel naturally welcomed and feel the positive energy pulsating through every nook and cranny of your home by following these simple tips.

If you are not a carpenter, a DIY person or a general handyman, in all probability you do not know the difference between the MDF and Plywood. For woodworkers it's an all important question. While plywood and MDF have their pros and cons, each can be preferred for individual applications. It’s important to know the differences between the two and the way they’re engineered. The information given below will show you what each comprises of and the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Doormats are a fun way to spruce up your entryway and make a good first impression! Give choosing the right door mat for your home a little bit of thought. While laying down a good doormat is important to protect your floors and is also the first line of defense against all the debris that comes in along with your shoes. What are the things that you should consider when buying a doormat? Here are a few helpful tips for buying a doormat for your home.

Flies can be extremely tenacious, irritating and dangerous foes. Flies thrive on filth and lay their eggs in garbage or compost which is then an abundant food source when the larvae emerge. Adult flies fly back and forth between food and filth and because flies cannot eat solid food, when an adult fly rests on your food it vomits on it to dissolve it and then sucks it up. This process spreads diseases that affect you and your family. The serious diseases flies foster include typhoid, diarrhea, cholera, anthrax, tuberculosis and conjunctivitis, etc. Luckily there are some simple home remedies to repel or eliminate these flies altogether. Here are some of the most effective for you to try today.

What a difference a door can make! And you better believe it, like we've told you before in the article "Front door makeover", your front door is the first style statement that you make to everyone (who may or may not enter your home). Got great personal style? The absolute best place to show it off is the front door and the area around it. We're going to show you a few front door and entry/ porch DIYs that are going to knock your socks off and get you trying something creative and new right now! All you need is basic craft supplies to make stencils at home and some paint, so super easy and super pocket friendly but with totally WOW results!

There's a million articles out there for the newbie gardener but this one is aimed at the avid gardeners out there who have a green thumb and a great garden to show for it! We've still got something to contribute, and these hacks will make your garden greener, more eco-friendly as well as make your gardening pursuits a wee bit easier! A little less effort for a lot more green!

The insects peeking from the window and slowly sliding inside your house could be a big-time problem for you. The spiders, reptiles such as lizards and mosquitoes are quite dangerous for human health. There are several utilities using which these insects could be prevented. However the most popular and most efficient among all is the screen windows.