Articles for your Home

Facing the realities of living in ever shrinking apartments and rising real estate prices? That may be the reality of urban dwelling spaces but innovative design elements like room dividers can add space in the smallest of homes when used right. use a room divider to create a home office, a private seating or to just demarcate your living and dining spaces. Room dividers can be used to conquer the space conundrum or just to add an interesting decor element, a touch of whimsy or create a focal point in a room. Whatever your reason for wanting to experiment with a room divider, we have a few interestingly different statement making suggestions to get you decorating!

Pantone interior and paint color palettes make choosing interior color schemes from a painter or paint contractor provided shade card a little bit easier! Work with your interior painting contractor and interior designer to implement these suggested color harmonies.

We've picked 5 genius home decor apps that make interior decorating easier! Easily find guides and inspiration for your interior design project and then hire an interior designer or a handyman just as simply and quickly, on the go with the Hometriangle App!

An accent wall is great way to add interest to a room. Create an accent wall by using elements like paint colour, texture, wallpaper, etc. Now's the time to use that bright daisy yellow paint to bring your dull study room to life!

The first thing to remember when putting up anything on your wall is never ever eyeball it! You will end u with a wall that has multiple holes in the wrong place before getting it right, and worse, the painting will still be at the wrong height or place and will actually take away from the room's decor rather than adding to it. So how do you get it right, in one go, at the first try? It's really simple!