Articles for your Home

The first thing to remember when putting up anything on your wall is never ever eyeball it! You will end u with a wall that has multiple holes in the wrong place before getting it right, and worse, the painting will still be at the wrong height or place and will actually take away from the room's decor rather than adding to it. So how do you get it right, in one go, at the first try? It's really simple!

Painting your home can be tedious and needs time, money and supervision for your home to look its stylish best. Then, with all your research to hire a good painter, even the best man for the job is likely to make these common painting mistakes that can make otherwise good work look sloppy. While you are supervising the paint job of your home, you can prevent these common errors by simply being well informed!

Have you recently relocated to a new apartment or home with wooden floors? Then, caring for them and cleaning them right is important to you to ensure that they stay in good shape for years to come. Wooden floors are different from other conventional types of tiled flooring characteristic of many Indian homes. Wooden floors need more attention and can be quite demanding, especially for first-timers. That said, let’s head straight for some basic tips that can make the job a tad easier!

Facing the realities of living in ever shrinking apartments and rising real estate prices? That may be the reality of urban dwelling spaces but innovative design elements like room dividers can add space in the smallest of homes when used right. use a room divider to create a home office, a private seating or to just demarcate your living and dining spaces. Room dividers can be used to conquer the space conundrum or just to add an interesting decor element, a touch of whimsy or create a focal point in a room. Whatever your reason for wanting to experiment with a room divider, we have a few interestingly different statement making suggestions to get you decorating!

Your home interiors are embossed with your personality, making your home distinctly yours. We collate 5 of the top interior trends for 2015 for you, to interpret your way and to give your efforts direction, during the renovation you have planned for this year, for a home interior that is sublimely 'on trend'. Choose from the fresh 2015 trends for interiors that suit your tastes and translate into a personal interior design and decor statement.

‘The four gentlemen’, that is what they are called in the Chinese culture, the bamboo, orchid, plum blossom and chrysanthemum. Each one represents ideal qualities that should be present in a gentleman! The bamboo embodies the qualities of uprightness, simple elegance, and integrity, another quality that should be added to this list is versatility.

Mirrors make a room captivating, trendy and spacious and add to the interior décor of the room. Moreover, large mirrors hung opposite a window reflect the lovely outdoors creating a picturesque illusion. Mirrors can be a fabulous addition to home décor, since they reflect light and add depth to any room.

There is so much ambiance and style a chandelier can add to a room, but only when done right! A really large, opulent chandelier in a small, contemporary room may seem overpowering and a small one may get lost in the decor. Chandeliers can make a room look regal and luxurious, becoming conversation pieces in themselves, choosing one carefully can bring a large dose of instant style to a boring room! So what are the points to keep in mind when buying a chandelier?