Articles for your Home

There’s a first time for everything and while buying your first home can be a very costly and stressful affair, it is also the perfect time to invest in your furniture and decor. Here are a few tips to help young first time, homeowners make sense of it all and create a beautiful home!

Super cute, totally adorable ideas to make decorating a baby nursery or kid’s room lots of fun for everyone! For moms and dads, who are looking for some ideas for their baby nursery or children’s rooms, we have listed some awesome ideas that are not too time consuming. Now you can make your own wall art for your precious little tiny tot!

We live in a busy world. We constantly strive to accomplish more tasks in a given day, but taking some time out to try a DIY for your home can be a fulfilling and fun experience. We've put together super easy DIY projects that won’t take more than an hour of your time. These are not only relaxing and fun, but totally worth your time too!

As soon as summer arrives, the days are brighter, more relaxed, and longer! Come enjoy summer colors and the true spirit of summer in your own living space, with our list of hot, summery trends that can be implemented easily in any home. These decorative ideas will lighten and brighten your home and create a stylish summery interior.'s "Homeowner Styles" series features contributions from style savvy homeowners who open the doors to their home to welcome the HomeTriangle audience and share their thoughts and ideas about the special spots in their homes and the aesthetic elements that came together to craft one of a kind decor and interiors! In this feature Neha Agarwal describes how fresh flowers instantly uplift her mood during the hot and dry summer season!

What a difference a door can make! And you better believe it, like we've told you before in the article "Front door makeover", your front door is the first style statement that you make to everyone (who may or may not enter your home). Got great personal style? The absolute best place to show it off is the front door and the area around it. We're going to show you a few front door and entry/ porch DIYs that are going to knock your socks off and get you trying something creative and new right now! All you need is basic craft supplies to make stencils at home and some paint, so super easy and super pocket friendly but with totally WOW results!

Once you finish reading this piece, you’ll wonder why decorating living spaces is thought to be a woman’s domain. Men have a more rational approach to decor, with an emphasis on function and purpose, and no room for sentimental artifacts or trinkets. Here’s why men can actually do decor better!