Articles for your Home

Dimmed for a slow, easy evening or bright enough to get some reading done, the light fixtures in your bedroom will function as beautiful decor during the day when unlit and bring a warm inviting glow to your bedroom when switched on in the evening!

Put India front and center and let the decor in your home boast of your roots and cultural heritage. Go down the the India inspired route and create an iconic, individual abode with architectural elements and decor. Colorful textiles, practical durries, intricately woven handmade carpets, shining brass ware, handcrafted accents the options are endless and exciting.

In Indian homes the TV can be the focal point of a room. While you don’t mind showing off your expensive new flat screen full HD TV, you probably don’t like that it’s taking up so much real estate on your wall without adding anything to interior decor.

Pantone interior and paint color palettes make choosing interior color schemes from a painter or paint contractor provided shade card a little bit easier! Work with your interior painting contractor and interior designer to implement these suggested color harmonies.

Your bed is the largest single piece of furniture in your bedroom, with the headboard as a permanent feature that can be so much more than just functional. In small rooms headboards can function as storage and do double duty while in larger rooms they can double up as stand out decor accents.

Every home has multiple gadgets and gizmos that aim to make life easier and while we probably can’t do without them what we definitely can do without are all the visible wires and messy cables! Not only are the wires snaking along your walls and floors an eyesore but they can also be safety hazard tripping you up as you go about your home.

As you look around your house, when your eyes inspect each room a little closely you notice the old stained switchboards, the uneven patches of paint on the walls and your neat but visible laundry basket. With a little creativity, you can transform these eyesores into decor!