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Building a home can be a stressful and complicated process and despite best intentions on your part as well as your contractor/builder, there can be various instances of misunderstanding or conflict. If you find yourself in such a situation heed the advice in the tips listed below to try to resolve any conflict with your builder/contractor effectively.

If you are about to begin building your home, are planning an extension or a remodel, you will be looking for the services of a reliable contractor and collecting estimates for the work that you intend to have done. A natural question to ask at this point is if you are expected to pay for the estimate that a professional contractor provides? Whether a contractor charges you for an estimate will depend as much on the job as the company that you are asking for an estimate and its policy regarding estimates. Paid estimate or free? What should you expect and why?

Making an advance payment for remodeling and custom construction services has in recent times become the norm not only in India but across the world. Demanding an upfront payment from customers may not seem professional, especially when dealing with established service providers, however it is typical of small tradesmen running a one-man business or employing a team of skilled labor to execute work and the advance is used to rope in people for the job and procure basic materials.

You've done your research and finally hired a contractor for your home building or remodeling project, your work doesn't end there! In fact the real work is about to begin and when the on ground construction commences so will your monitoring of the work to make sure that things stay on track, follow a schedule and quality controls are enforced for a great end result. So what exactly do you need to do? Here are a few tips.

You are in the process of of hiring a contractor for your home building or remodeling job. You've already narrowed down to a few contractors that seem reliable and are well recommended. Keep the following steps in mind before you hire the contractor and take the whole process to the next stage.

Planning a home remodel or building a home from scratch usually involves hiring a civil contractor. For many of us the process of finding a contractor can be baffling, even knowing where to start looking for a reliable contractor can be a challenge especially when attempting your first building project.