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Planning a bedroom light fixture update or a major bedroom remodel? Make sure to get the lighting right in your bedroom by following this simple checklist of 10 questions to ask yourself from Hometriangle that will make planning the lighting of your bedroom a breeze!

Bedroom lighting can range from toned down dim to boldly bright, opulent to basic, colorful to transparent, dimmed to dramatic! Wondering how to get the size, placement, brightness and general decor right? Read on...

Dimmed for a slow, easy evening or bright enough to get some reading done, the light fixtures in your bedroom will function as beautiful decor during the day when unlit and bring a warm inviting glow to your bedroom when switched on in the evening!

Your bed is the largest single piece of furniture in your bedroom, with the headboard as a permanent feature that can be so much more than just functional. In small rooms headboards can function as storage and do double duty while in larger rooms they can double up as stand out decor accents.

Admittedly floor beds or low beds aren't for everyone. The elderly would find them uncomfortably low and hard on the knees, but young parents with a toddler will eliminate the fear of the baby rolling off a high bed. As with everything, there are advantages and disadvantages with the style.

The lighting in your bedroom is an important part of the way your bedroom makes you feel at the end of the day, after all most of the time you spend in the bedroom is in the evening or night, times of the day that you definitely use and require artificial lighting. Give lighting a second thought for a bedroom that is comfortable, convenient and also beautifully lit!