Articles for your Home

Live in an ugly apartment or spend money on decorating an apartment that you do not own? It's every renter's dilemma; the options are spending out of your own pocket to paint and fix-up a rented apartment or wake up to an un-appealingly decorated personal space every day. Well, we say that there is another option! If you are renting, try these simple to do, easy on the pocket but completely "wow" ideas for a space that is tastefully decorated and super personal, even the landlord will be amazed with the transformation!

As soon as summer arrives, the days are brighter, more relaxed, and longer! Come enjoy summer colors and the true spirit of summer in your own living space, with our list of hot, summery trends that can be implemented easily in any home. These decorative ideas will lighten and brighten your home and create a stylish summery interior.

The best things in life are free! Or in this case re-invented! Most furniture like dressers will start to look dated or damaged in a few years but surprisingly drawers from dresses, desks, old sewing machines, chest of drawers etc remain quite protected and in good condition. We've listed a bunch of creative ideas that reinvent old furniture drawers that would find their way to the landfill, but will not, once you see all their amazing re-incarnations and the truly endless possibilities! Try any one idea today and give "something old" a "something new" makeover!

The days of not having access to easy to do, fun and colorful kids decor are way in the past! We trolled the web to share these super awesome, super cutesy wall art/ wall sticker ideas to drool over that will make decorating your kids room a dream and your tot is going to adore the wall art and you! Look, love, share and buy today!

It's a nightmare when you realize you have a bedbug infestation, but lets be clear, an infestation has nothing to do with cleanliness. So don’t feel guilty! You can pick them up in even the finest hotels, and they can travel to the cleanest homes hitch hiking a ride on your luggage. If you are suffering from bed bug infestation, try these DIYs.

Facing the realities of living in ever shrinking apartments and rising real estate prices? That may be the reality of urban dwelling spaces but innovative design elements like room dividers can add space in the smallest of homes when used right. use a room divider to create a home office, a private seating or to just demarcate your living and dining spaces. Room dividers can be used to conquer the space conundrum or just to add an interesting decor element, a touch of whimsy or create a focal point in a room. Whatever your reason for wanting to experiment with a room divider, we have a few interestingly different statement making suggestions to get you decorating!

You spend roughly one third of your life in bed sleeping on a mattress that keeps you comfortable. Cleaning that mattress routinely should be part of a good home cleaning schedule to ensure that surface dirt, grime and other debris are cleared regularly. Any mattress can benefit from a regular vacuum but professionally cleaning and sanitizing your mattress at least twice a year is recommended for many reasons.

Fruit flies can kill more than your love for your favorite fruit. Flies breed in filth and keep alternating between filth and food. Fruit flies are no different except that tend to show a preference for fruit. Flies have the capacity to infect any surface they land on and spread several diseases. Fortunately, there are several home-made weapons with which you can attack them and eradicate them before they reach your fruit.