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People don’t like cleaning bathrooms. You don’t have to be ashamed of it. We understand that you certainly have better things to with your time. And when you don’t have a housekeeper and you have to do the cleaning yourself, the design choices can make a huge impact when it comes to everyday cleaning. So, HomeTriangle came up with a few strategies that can help you get not only a bathroom that looks and feels like a dream but makes cleaning it as easy as possible.

A bathroom is a generally understand room in any home. You don't think about it much, so you don't even register just how drab your white washed bathroom really is! Even when you do, for some reason or another, take notice of your winter not-so-wonderland white bathroom you chose to ignore it. After all, you can't beautify a bathroom on a budget ...Right? Wrong! You can, and here are five easy steps to do just that.

Got a malfunctioning WC? Pro plumbers will tell you that a basic understanding of plumbing can save your family a lot of inconvenience. Fixing small problems yourself or explaining them accurately to the plumber you are hiring, will save time and also money!