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Kitchen gadgets can offer a fun way to do things better and more efficiently in the kitchen. Who doesn't want a tool that can make a prepping or cooking job easier? The following list are some of the newest kitchen products that involve new technology you may have never seen before.

DIY jobs like a blocked drain, a leaky faucet, installing a shower-head are simple and can be completed in quick time. However, when a plumbing job is complicated it is simply beyond the skills of an untrained homeowner and you may do more damage than good!

Complex plumbing work like piping replacement, remodeling a bathroom or kitchen take a while and you need to plan in advance. The first thing to do is to hire the right plumber. A plumbing quotation will lay out the necessary costs, including all the materials and labor. It will also give you an estimated deadline for the completion of work. Next, you need to do your part to ensure that the project doesn’t run into any hidden glitches, is finished on time and within your budget.

To see if a plumber will be able to meet your requirements, it’s better to ask the plumber some strategic questions. There are basically 5 questions you need to ask to assure you that the plumber has the right credentials, is communicative and courteous and quotes a reasonable price.

September is the month of transition from the sweltering summer heat into relatively mild, cooler weather conditions heralding the monsoon and the winter that follows. Let’s quickly take you through the maintenance tasks that your attention this month.

When moving home, we all experience mixed feelings. There is the excitement of a new house followed by the trepidation of uprooting yourself from your current community. Packing your entire life into boxes can be a tricky thing to do, not to mention the emotional scars from being torn between keeping that vase or that old sofa cum bed or not! Here are some tips that you can consider for packing before you move.

Live in an ugly apartment or spend money on decorating an apartment that you do not own? It's every renter's dilemma; the options are spending out of your own pocket to paint and fix-up a rented apartment or wake up to an un-appealingly decorated personal space every day. Well, we say that there is another option! If you are renting, try these simple to do, easy on the pocket but completely "wow" ideas for a space that is tastefully decorated and super personal, even the landlord will be amazed with the transformation!

Almost every Indian home has a gas cylinder(unless you have piped gas), and usually the common Indian cylinder is red, made of metal and supremely ugly! If you have a gas cylinder lying in the open in your kitchen, it not only looks unattractive but also takes away from your beautiful, not to mention expensive, kitchen decor. Here are 20 innovative ways to hide your gas cylinder and make it blend in beautifully!

Summer just around the corner, What should you know about AC Services ? India is heading towards a scorching hot Summer. Let us get ready for the same and to keep ourselves cool ACs play a major role. Time for our ACs to have Service either DIY or Hire AC Technician or AC professionals. Hometriangle here to help you to understand what are the services exactly included in AC services.