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Indian homeowners have been relying on their HVAC units to help beat the summer heat and humidity. While servicing your unit on a bi-annual basis will optimize the performance of your system, issues might still occur from time to time. And the continued running of your AC with these issues can cause further damages, which in turn leads to costly repairs, shortened lifespans, and frequent breakdowns. So we at HomeTriangle thought it was best to help people familiarize themselves with common signs which means your AC needs a service or repair.

No matter if you think an AC is a luxury or necessity, the chances are you’re finding it harder and harder to live without one considering our current climate and air quality. Before you buy an air conditioner for your home, there are a few factors that you have to contemplate like your budget, the number, size, and type of rooms to be cooled, and whether it is for your own home or a rented apartment.