Articles for your Home

Most modern Indian homes, especially urban apartments do not integrate a dedicated entryway or foyer space in the interior design. The main door opens into the living room area directly and with no foyer area there is usually no dedicated space for items like car keys, newspapers and mail etc., and especially storage for shoes that most people remove at the door.

After a tiring day, we all love to relax in our ‘home sweet home’, the last thing you want to see is clutter or disorganized closets, drawers, and counter tops. Sometimes, all the random things like receipts, bills, mails, magazines, pencils, scarfs, newspapers, toys, keys, coins, etc., can accumulate on counter tops and flat surfaces creating clutter. However, with a little planning, any home can be organized into a relaxing space. We've put together some ‘must try’ organizing tricks to help you stay organized. Let’s tackle your home one room at a time..

Who doesn't want a clean home? An easier way to a cleaner home is like a riveting fairy tale but for adults! What does work, unlike the multitudes of hacks listed endlessly on the www, are the little habits and small tweaks that actually make a difference and eventually a cleaner home. To start with, try to do these 6 things everyday to guarantee a cleaner house.

We're trying to take the "mental list making" out of the equation to give you a month-by-month checklist of the commonest, calendar/ time sensitive things to be done around practically every home. Look at, or better yet, printout, save and share our monthly checklists to get ahead of the curve on household updates and chores so you'll always have it supremely under control! Here it is!

Regardless of how much we may try to make our apartments look great, the never end up looking like the ones that are in magazines. We always try to follow all of the latest and greatest design concepts, as well as sticking with one certain style and combining colors, yet the end result is never great.