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We recently posted an article discussing the energy efficiency of smart homes called Smart Homes: Energy Saving? and we got a lot of requests to explain what smart homes are and how they work. So we decided to come up with a comprehensive article about what smart homes are, how they work, their advantages and disadvantages, etc.

A lot of us consider Vastu Shastra as a science. We are not new to the concept in India, but with more and more of us staying in the cities in rented homes and apartments, living in a Vastu friendly home is not always an option.

Diwali is probably our favorite festival and it's right around the corner. We millennials with our over-paid jobs and busy lives are suddenly unable to get our homes ready for Diwali 2020. With the kind of excitement and joy, it brings, getting our homes ready for our family and friends could become a daunting task.