Articles for your Home

Creating a zen like space is more than styling your home right, it’s about creating a place that is beautiful and personal but balanced and serene. Color, texture, pattern and personal style come together to create a peaceful ambiance.

Markets are now flooded with different types of mosquito repellents, sprays, lotions and coils and one can’t help but wonder how safe these products are.If you are looking for natural ways of getting rid of mosquitoes here are a few environmentally friendly suggestions for you.

Vinegar has an indefinite shelf life which makes it perfect as a preservative as well as a natural cleaning agent. A natural bi-product of fruits and vegetables, vinegar has many properties and cleaning is just one of them. It's safe for the family with no negative impact on the environment at all.

Lets face it, cleaning is rarely on top of anyone's favorite 'to-do' list! But some things just have to be tackled, and keeping a clean home may not be a fun pastime but it is a necessary evil and everything is better with a plan. Tackle your cleaning armed with the Hometriangle plan and it will be easier and quicker but sadly not more fun.

If you have zero space and no green thumb to speak of you can still grow these easy plants! The plus with growing herbs that are appropriately suited to a tropical climate is that they thrive and will reward you with bursts of flavor in your food and they have medicinal benefits as well.