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You regularly vacuum your carpets and maybe your floors too, but there is always dust lurking in the corner of the room the very next day, and neither are your carpets looking all that spiffy. Could you be vacuuming wrong?

Who likes cleaning? If you answered "I do" to that question this article is not for you and you are definitely in the minority! For the rest of us, who would rather day dream vs scrub any given day, read on! These are only 5 cleaning hacks, but they are truly life changing!

Ceramic floors are a natural progression from conventional cement flooring. Sturdy, long-lasting and easy to maintain, ceramic tiles, both glazed and unglazed, can be used in all parts of your home, especially in wet zones – bathrooms, kitchens, service areas, verandahs etc. You really don’t have to adopt an elaborate or special cleaning routine to keep ceramic floors picture perfect, but regular efforts tend to be more rewarding. Check out some easy tips for maintaining the sparkle of ceramic.

You've put your home on the market, and it's mega frustrating to see people troop in and out of what is essentially your private space without any of those buyer visits actually materializing into the actual sale. So what are you doing wrong? And what can you do to sell your home faster? Here are 10 easy tips for selling your home right this very minute!

There's a hack for everything out there! Why not for your home? Make cleaning the bathroom a breeze, or re-purpose wine bottles as inexpensive vases, hide messy wires with the coolest contraptions! Here is the ultimate collection of our ideas, some quick and easy, others border line genius!

Vinyl flooring is quite popular primarily because it can bear the brunt of daily use, is water resistant and easier to maintain when compared to other types of floor. It is quite common to find vinyl flooring in bathrooms and kitchens, and given the wide choice of colors and designs, vinyl also adds aesthetic appeal to these predominantly functional spaces. However, vinyl does tend to hold on to dirt and dust and needs a simple yet regular cleaning routine to stay in good shape.

The kitchen is the one room in the home that gets rigorous use everyday and bears the onslaught of smells from the food, water used to clean and wipe down surfaces and dirty dishes as well as food and oil spatter from the actual cooking. No other room in the home can be as demanding as the kitchen when it comes to cleaning! You not only need to clean to maintain good hygiene but you also need to clean with products that will not contaminate your food or leave a harmful residue on kitchen surfaces. Given the pace of modern life and the many demands on your time, these hand picked kitchen cleaning hacks are going to go a long way in improving your standard of living!

Cleaning the bathroom is absolutely no one's idea of a fun time! Who wouldn't want an easy shortcut around this crappy job? Well, we've got 5 easy hacks to take the "crap" out of a crappy job! And when we say easy, we mean low on elbow grease and as an added plus these hacks are low on the fumes from harsh cleaning products, so that equals good for you and good for the environment too!

Cleaning wooden floors may seem a tedious task, but can get exciting and enjoyable when you try to create your very own cleaning agent from ingredients readily available in most homes. It doesn't mean you stop shopping for floor cleaning products, but these recipes are bound to come in handy when you run out of cleaners, or prefer natural ingredients to chemical formulations. The results can prove quite rewarding!