Articles for your Home

In today's busy world keeping on top of home maintenance can be a chore and finding the right professionals can be a challenge. At HomeTriangle we understand how important your home is to you and how finding the right home services to keep your home in tip-top condition can be stressful. That is why our service helps you find the very best professionals for all your home maintenance needs.

The first step to keeping a house looking clean and presentable is maintenance of the floors. Whilst all the best homes have a 'lived-in' look, nobody appreciates a dirty floor; follow these steps to keep your floors looking spic-and-span:

Getting your kids to do chores can be an epic pain as well as a bit of a chore in itself, but it really doesn't have to be. By following a few rules of your own and making a few small tweaks to both yours and your kid's routines you can turn chores into a task that they accept and not a responsibility that they dread.

Everyone wants a clean and tidy home, but purchasing products over time can be expensive. The following products include everything from kitchen and bathroom ideas to general home products. But each of these will simplify your life and allow you to never need to repurchase products in that category.

It's not surprising that most kitchens are equipped with a chimney. Cooking produces grease, moisture, heat and smoke - all of which take a toll on your kitchen cabinets, walls and ceiling. It might affect your health as well. Installing a chimney or range hood will remove unwelcome odors and improve kitchen ventilation.