Articles for your Home

Let’s face the truth, nobody loves to clean. No matter how much of an OCD you have, you don’t like to clean your home, but you like your home when it’s cleaned. So, whether you’re planning to remodel or designing your dream home, you should think about designing it in a way that can minimize your cleaning time. Your choices in layout, finishes, and furnishings will have an enormous impact on the amount of time you spend cleaning.

People don’t like cleaning bathrooms. You don’t have to be ashamed of it. We understand that you certainly have better things to with your time. And when you don’t have a housekeeper and you have to do the cleaning yourself, the design choices can make a huge impact when it comes to everyday cleaning. So, HomeTriangle came up with a few strategies that can help you get not only a bathroom that looks and feels like a dream but makes cleaning it as easy as possible.

Dirty tiles are an eye-sore and a challenge to the proud homeowners we claim to be all the time. Cleaning grungy tiles is in no way an easy task unless you know how to do it. We have to be extremely careful about the substances we use to ensure that they don’t get damaged as abrasive cleaners, in particular, can harm the grout and tile surfaces.

There is probably nothing more blissful than falling into a fresh bed with clean sheets and soft pillows after a hectic day. Your mattresses are the most used furniture in your home. Just quick maintenance or even deep cleaning your mattress doesn’t take a lot of money or time. With the right ingredients and some cleaning hacks, your mattress cleaning will forever be a cake-walk.